In getting closer to your higher self or to know yourself you must stop feeding the ego and feed your soul. Nowadays we are so busy in searching and exploring things of outside that we have forgot ourselves and that how important is to understand who we are. Now the question is, what is "ourselves" we are referring here?

When we were all little and trying to find out the reality and reasons for existence of things, however as we grew up and our question left unexplored we tend to forget it because either the person whom we asked did not helped us or even he was not knowing why he is doing all this, so we came out to be just like everyone else.

Are we the one with combination of sensory organs, group of muscles, mind and intelligence? Or are we the one who is awareness alone and witness of all the existing things and aware of all. Do this for instance, stand in front of the mirror, you will see your reflection in it, now if you will look for long enough you will…

Three realities of existence

The Three realities
प्रतिभासिक सत्ता - The Subjective/ apparent reality, व्यवहारिक सत्ता - Practical reality and  परमार्थिक सत्ता - Supreme reality
In Upanishads (collection of texts of religious and philosophical nature, written in India probably between c. 800 BCE and c. 500 BCE) it's mentioned that there are three realities we exist. After knowing this you might turn your attention to supreme reality and experience all of this realities. Before explaining those to you let me tell you a short story which will help us in knowing these realities. 

There was a king Janaka of kingdom Mithila he saw a terrifying dream, that he is a beggar and he is hungry because he hasn't eaten in days and he came near to a city where he asked for food to some people and by looking at his physical appearance people refuse to give him anything except abusive words, after moving ahead he found a person, he asked for food where he received the same behavior as earlier, however, the man suggested him t…


If you seek for truth of the universe and of your self identity then there is steps to follow. So the question arises how perceptions is related to consciousness and how consciousness related to truth.

Why we identify and why we give names to things? Basically to remember in our memory with certain identity so, whenever we call out that name we can gather all known information about it in our mind.

The brain tell us that its the body on the basis of knowledge of the world and all the information we hold we recognize. What will happen if I say something unknown to you and you are completely unaware of the word. You do not know that if I'm talking about some place, thing, object human or something else. So holding facts and information which might be useful is the work of your brain.

Our sensory organs helps us to get the experience of the world, most of the things we see as we feel inside in the moment we are perceiving things, or mostly on our upbringing since childhood


EGO Ego is identification with thoughts information and facts that we have carried from the world, Ego is mainly because of the survival in the world. If there is no one at all around you to which you can represent or explain your life and events then there will be no EGO. This is the reason that the one who is aware of his higher self, prefer to be silent and alone for some time.

In this world nowadays having a smartphone, bike, car, girlfriend, boyfriend, a house, trips or traveling and so many things which provides you temporary comfort and which will help in satisfying your desire and provide pleasure have become the definition of happiness. I have seen many with everything, a fancy bike or car, so much wealth etc etc. however, they are still looking sad and depressed not knowing where they are heading or what they want, so I wanna know, they have their car parked in their houses, having a partner and friends and everything that they could ask still not happy?

The reason is that w…

Eternal Consciousness.

How consciousness helps in knowing about the almighty?

With this article, you will have the idea of what you will understand as GOD after you begin to gain more and more consciousness.

Take God as an ocean, the ocean never dries or overflow no matter how much water you poured in it or take out of it. We are the water in the glass until the water not get realized that he is not glass he is the water in that glass he will not know the eternal truth.
We try to see the creator in some kind of form or with limits, due to which we end up creating a form out of it, however, as the ocean depth can not be measured the same way you can not know the depth of the creator. How you will measure something which has no form, which is beyond the concepts of time space and matter.

The water in the glass tries the same, the water always tries to see how is the ocean how deep or how much it's spread. On the other hand, does not realize he is the part of the ocean, he is the "Brahm&qu…